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Waterway Watch

Waterway Watch

Boating Safety Tip of the Day
Be safe. Be smart when you re-fuel.

Have all passengers disembark before re-fueling. Close all cabin doors and windows. Hold gas nozzle well against the metal of the fuel tank filler pipe. Avoid all spills. Pay close attention to the work at hand.

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Check your voicemail email for an important message.

Hurricane information is also available at the NOAA National Hurricane Center.



“It was during the major heat wave,” Polley explained. “We didn’t have room for the big cooler but I had a little cooler that had a couple of waters and sodas with me. I felt very guilty that I was the only one drinking; how ironic that it ended up being me that went down.”

via Kayak Trip at Beaverdam Reservoir Nearly Turns Tragic – Ashburn, VA Patch.


(A heat-exhaustion tale for kayakers and paddlecraft operators. This is why you carry a whistle or another type of audible device, a flashlight and a distress flag. When you are in a human powered craft you are at the mercy of your body’s ability to cope with heat or cold and precautions should be on your mind before and during your trip. The above lik takes you to an excellent article about how two friends coped with a heat exhaustion emergency.)

BROOKVILLE, Ind. — A Franklin County grand jury will decide if criminal charges should be filed in the June drowning death of a 17-month-old Kentucky child.Mitchell O’Banion drowned June 1 after the kayak in which he and his parents were riding overturned in the swollen Whitewater River south of Cedar Grove.

via Charges possible in drowning death of 17-month-old | Palladium-Item | pal-item.com.

(In Indiana a tiny child died because the life jacket was not secured properly. How many times have you seen people in paddle craft wearing a life jacket unzipped or strapped to the deck.  Wearing a life jacket incorrectly can be like wearing no life jacket at all. When you hit the water the jacket can fly off over your head as you go under water. The resulting panic and fear can kill you. Let’s all hope that a repeat of this tragic Indiana incident does not happen in Maryland.)

Hurricanes are severe tropical storms that form in the southern Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico and in the eastern Pacific Ocean. People who live in hurricane prone communities should know their vulnerability, and what actions should be taken to reduce the effects of these devastating storms. The information on this page can be used to save lives at work, home, while on the road, or on the water.

Click for current tracking information and preparation tips:

via Ready.gov: Hurricanes.

A North Beach man drowned Thursday after he hit a wave and fell off his Jet Ski at about 3:30 p.m. in the Chesapeake Bay in North Beach, and was found unresponsive in the water shortly before 4 p.m. in the 9200 block of Atlantic Avenue by North Beach Volunteer Fire Department rescue volunteers, Chief Donald Gibson said.

via SoMdNews.com: North Beach man drowns Thursday after falling off Jet Ski.

* In 2010, Coast Guard boating safety statistics indicate 237 paddlers either died or were injured while paddling on our nation’s waters. Of those, 141 died from drowning and 13 died from other causes.

Read Caryl Wiess’ article in the “What’s Up? Annapolis & Eastern Shore for August 7, 2011 on paddling safety equipment requirements:

via A Message From the US Coast Guard Auxiliary.

We have heard reports of drowning at 4701 Woodfield Road in Galesville, Maryland. The Anne Arundel County Fire Department has a fire boat and divers at the scene and the Anne Arundel County Police Department is providing aviation support with a helicopter.

Eye On Annapolis is tracking a boating related drowning:

via Report Of Galesville Drowning | Eye On Annapolis.

STEVENSVILLE Here we are at the beginning of August and local waters around Kent Island haven’t been teeming with sea nettles. What’s going on?

Great article on sea nettles at Cecilwhig.com:

via Less salt in Bay keeps sea nettle numbers down – Cecil Whig: State News.

(Why does a boating safety website care? The presence of sea nettles is another great reason for wearing life jackets. When a person in a bathing suit falls in water infested with stinging sea nettles the pain from repeated stings can wear the swimmer down faster than if no nettles were present.  It has happened to your humble editor while kayaking in the Chesapeake. Wear it! Wear that life jacket so you don’t have to worry about staying afloat if you are in sea nettle territory. By the way they are present in Solomons and are in beach areas near Calvert Cliffs. Swim with caution.)

The National Transportation Safety Board recently released its findings, probable cause and final safety recommendations following the 2009 San Diego Bay collision between a Coast Guard vessel and a passenger boat that killed an 8-year-old boy. The board found the Coast Guard to blame—they were going too fast and national and local Coast Guard oversight was inadequate.

via NTSB revisits cell-phone distraction following Coast Guard crash findings | Medill | Washington.

(Members and boaters read this article. Texting and cell phone use while boating can be dangerous.

Auxiliary Members: Unless the coxswain approves, use of cellular devices is PROHIBITED when underway AND the person at the helm MAY NOT use a cellular device. )

Vessel Safety Check

2012 Vessel Safety Check Decal

The Coast Guard Auxiliary and
the U.S. Power Squadrons
also inspect kayaks
and other paddle craft.

Boat Safe. Boat Smart.
Get the Decal!

Remember the Maryland 25
Dead Maryland Boaters in 2011

Three Maryland boating deaths in 2012. Three sailboat emergencies, 1 death; 1 swimmer death; 1 allision death with two trauma injuries; 1 major injury from gasoline engine fire,

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Our Instagrams
  • A foggy day in Southern Maryland. Good morning shipmates.
  • Wear it!  News media ask the boaters you photograph why they don't. Start the discussion and save a life.
  • Our cold-water survival training was ultimately made possible by the Guardians of  U S Coast Guard Station Annapolis.  Two Guardians hauled each of us onto the deck of a fast boat.  During the training they made sure we were safe.  I am so proud to serve with these men and women. Each one is an outstanding professional.  Thank you Station Annapolis.
  • Once a crew is in the water survival and staying together is key. Chaining together as they do here the crew shares warmth and prolongs life.
  • A face that could be your next door neighbor. Coast Guard Auxiliary members from three Maryland flotillas took their annual cold-water training at Coast Guard Station Annapolis. Bill Smith from the Drum Point Flotilla reflects the serious of his training in his expression. Bill is not new to cold water.
  • To. feller and Bill Smith, Coast Guard Auxiliary, arrive at Coast Guard Station Annapolis for cold-water training.
  • A two-minute lesson that covered finger dexterity after cold water immersion. We placed a hand in cold water while the instructor spoke for two minutes. One we removed our hands we had to pick up the coin on the table. Not as easy as if looks. Try this only with an expert present.
  • Shawn Moore, Auxiliarist was our cold-water instructor.
  • Ray Feller, Auxiliarist  dons his dry suit. The suit provides significant protection in cold water. Having the suit alone is not enough. Knowing how the human body reacts to sudden immersion was the classroom session of our training today.
  • These volunteers attending cold-water survival training today could be your neighbors. Flotillas from Solomons Island to Annapolis were represented today.  Guardians made sure our training was safe. Another reason why I love to say Guardians rock!
Comfortable Lifejackets
Lifejackets are comfortable and they save lives!

Lifejackets are comfortable and they save lives!

Admiral Lee on Bow Riding

Rear Admiral William "Dean" Lee

“You wouldn’t allow your kids to sit on the hood of your car, so why would you allow them to sit on the bow of your boat?”

Rear Admiral Dean Lee, 5th District commander, United States Coast Guard

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Always wear your life jacket!

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